About us


This blog was born from the idea of ​​a handful of friends that one evening, almost for fun, have set a goal: to describe "live" their travels far and wide throughout Italy.

It all started on 30 April 2017: our first picture was posted on a facebook page (created just the night before):

The passion that joined us was to rediscover the wonders of our beautiful peninsula, thanks to short itineraries (accessible to all and for all budgets).

After a few months, for personal reasons, all the other members of the blog had to abandon the idea of ​​dedicating themselves to this project and from December 2017 I manage the itineraries, the solcials and this blog alone and in total autonomy.

Hoping to touch every corner of Italy, I will try to take with me, albeit virtually, in all the itineraries I will organize, setting out to describe my travels and give you (in real time) practical suggestions on the routes, useful information on places to visit as well as on the structures to stay.

Let us remember that Italy deserves to be visited, known and experienced.

Art, history and tradition make our country one of the most enjoyed destinations in the whole international tourist scene, even if, very often, we are very little aware of it.

I will travel a lot ... keep following me!

Your suggestions, opinions and advice will definitely be appreciated.

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Have a good trip!

Salvatore Russo