Below you will find brief reviews of restaurants that hosted us on our itineraries. We have decided to report only those ones that deserve a full, positive feedback.



Restaurant-Pizzeria “Da Maria”, Amalfi (Salerno)

trattoria-damariaDelicious restaurant in the heart of Amalfi.

We have been surprised by the balance between the typical ambience and the typical Campania food.

Advisable both as a restaurant and as a pizzeria. Obviously the pizza (considering where we are) will leave you speechless! Great indeed.

For fish lovers, we recommend an excellent dish of spaghetti with true clams.
Besides the excellent cuisine and a good selection of wines, the staff will draw your attention to the cordiality and the sympathy that distinguishes them.

Tip: do not miss the initial snack: delicious! Then you will have all the time to decide what to eat!

Rating: 9.5

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Osteria del Trap, Ferentillo (Terni)

FOTO 000030Osteria del Trap: A restaurant that stands out for the fresh and seasonal ingredients with which chef Umberto prepares each meal.

The restaurant's most appreciated feature is the daily preparation of hand-made pasta and bread preparation in an old wood-burning oven.

Excellent menus of both meat and fish. Special features of the place: thanks to the sport fishing lake located in front of the guest house you can cook the fish you just caught by the customers!

I also recommend meat menu. Great cakes too.

A true oasis nestled in the greenery where you can taste the typical Umbrian cuisine.
Congratulations to chef Umberto who spoiled us with his dishes!

Rating: 9.5

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Hora media, Ferentillo (Terni)


A restaurant with a strong Benedictine origin, located in the beautiful San Pietro in Valle Abbey that houses within itself (next to the main entrance of the hotel). Out of time, a restaurant in medieval style where to recapture its time, especially that related to good eating and conviviality.

The dishes offered are all strictly based on seasonal products and all the gourmets that Umbria can offer.

Hora media offers -periodically- themed evenings, cooking lessons, medieval banquets with entertainment by actors and musicians who can engage guests and guide them in a multisensory experience.

We recommend booking

Rating: 9,5

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